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Straps & Belts

Lashing Strap

Lashing Straps

Designed to fasten objects together securely, we can supply lashing straps in a variety of different formats, widths and colours, no matter how heavy the load may be.



Used to secure heavy loads during transport, we can configure tiedowns to your specifications. They are also available in a variety of different formats, widths and colours.

Lap Straps


Perhaps the most basic form of strap, the lap strap has many applications. As with all other product in this category, we can configure to format of the strap to you liking in many colours and widths.

Easy Handle


The 'Easy Handle' simplifies moving heavy loads or loads that are cumbersome and difficult to lift. The 'Easy Handle' also helps prevent damage to the back as diminishes the need to crouch to lift. A health and safety must.

Stop Strap


The stop strap is mainly used for supermarket trolleys. It is now a necessity when ensuring goods are transported safely and securely. Available in custom lengths, sizes and colours

Stamped Belt

Stamped Belts

Have a design or logo printed on your choice of belt. You can chose your colour, width and what type of webbing you require. This choice is a great way of re-inforcing a brand or company image.

Unstamped Belt

Unstamped Belts

Unstamped belts prove more cost effective than stamped belts but we still offer the full range of colours, widths and formats as we do for the stamped belts.

Waterproof Straps

Waterproof Strap

This type of strap is made from special grade of marine webbing to ensure it performs well in damp conditions. This belt is also anti-bacterial and suitable for a range of applications.

Roper Saver


The rope saver, specifically designed to protect marine rope, increases it's longevity. Made from hard wearing materials, the rope saver is a necessary addition to all marine environments.

Boat Ladder


This boat ladder is designed to fold away and be stored easily. The ladder uses high quality fabrics designed to be light and extremely durable. The boat ladder meets all releveant safety standards.

Fender Holder


This fender holder is extremely strong, durable and also designed to cope well in all marine environments. The fender holder is a standard 40mm in width and is easily fastened to replace your existing system.

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